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Fabrication consists of using many different methods of construction. It is done by hand with the metal directly. This is in contrast to casting, a process that creates a mold into which hot metal is poured. Although individual molds can be made (and often are in smaller studios), generally casting is used in commercial settings to make multiples. Fabrication employs many methods from raising and forging to soldering and construction, joining many different shapes to create the piece. These methods require different types of tools and joining methods. (see joining) The result is a unique, hand crafted, quality piece that is a product of training, experience and time that we hold up as a standard here at Newman Metalworks.


All torches combine gas and air to produce a workable flame to heat metal. Oxygen combined with acetylene creates one of the hottest flames and is used for melting metals for casting and welding steel. Natural gas and compressed air create a lower heat flame for soldering and annealing metals, such as silver and gold.

Hand Tools

Hand tools are tools that run on human power. Some of the many hand tools used in our studio are files that shape and clean metal,jewelers saws that cut metal, measuring devices such as micrometers,cutting tools such as snips and pliers.