Forging is a process of forming or shaping metals while hot or cold with the use of hammers and anvils. Steel and iron are generally hot-forged while silver, gold, platinum and copper require the greater accuracy of cold-forging. Forging improves the durability of products by compacting the metal creating an interlocking structure in the metal that makes it denser and stronger.Forging in silver, for example, is often used to create solid forms such as flatware or decorative handles. Forging is another specialty of the Newman Metalworks studio.


There are many different types and shapes of hammers. Two such examples are forming hammers, which give shape to metal and planishing hammers, which smooth metal forms. Newman Metalworks studio has 47 different hammers and still growing!


An anvil is a block of iron or steel in the characteristic shape with a hardened face against which a smith holds the metal for forming by forging or hammering.